History of Help Out Mill

River Sence a powerful source of energy

The name of Help Out Mill has conjured up many stories and myths over the years.

"It's a place where everyone helps out with the cooking", or "it's part of a commune" are just two of the more colourful versions, but the facts as we believe, relate to the working days of corn milling in the area.

The River Sence was a powerful source of energy for millers, witnessed by the number of water driven mills built on the river over the years.

As today, water was a valuable resource that came and went with the seasons, and a hot, rain-free summer in one respect was good for some, it was a frustration for the flour producers.

But engineering foresight in the 19th century provided the solution to the lack of water in the summer months.

The area around The Mill lent itself perfectly to designing a series of water stores using the flat fields and earth banks, all controlled by the use of sluice gates to release water when it was needed.

Hence the name, Help Out Mill, which could be switched on when other mills were short of water!

All sounds believable, and the story is supported by the existence of old sluice gates and leets.